Continue to “protect” the sidewalk

In order to keep the beauty of the urban area and the safety of traffic participants, the security regularly checked and reminded people who gathered to buy and sell goods on the roads in Phu My Hung. At the same time, the security also coordinated with the Urban Order Team of Tan Phong Ward and the Urban Order Te am of Tan Phu Ward to patrol and handle many cases of encroachment on the roadside. Specifically, on November 5, the Ta n Phu ward Urban Order Team handled 4 cases, fined a total of 8 million VND and confiscated encroached items. On November 18, the Tan Phong ward Urban OrderTeam handled the shops encroaching on the roadside, confiscating many tables, chairs and signs. On December 7, there were 2 cases of street vendors encroaching on the roadside. Modified trucks for selling beverages were also required to move out of the area.

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